1951 Chris Craft Riviera Classic – SOLD

Indoor storage – Viewable throughout the winter

This craft is a 1951 Chris Craft Riviera.  Taking styling cues from the European designs coming out of France and Italy in the 1950’s.  Her tumblehome and sheer line are borrowed from the Italian Riva’s of the day, but with the addition of the brightwork and chrome accents of American automotive of the 1950’s.  A true mid-century sport boat with elegant lines and styling to stand the test of time.

This Riviera model came out of the Chris Crafts factory in late 1951.  Her first owner was registered in Toledo Ohio.  The boat appears to have had few owners and spent the first 50 years of her life in the US.  After a long search for 18′ and 19′ Riviera’s, the present owner purchased her in 2001 from Rich DeGlopper, a well-respected member of the Buffalo ACBS chapter.  She was in restored condition.  After bringing her back to Toronto, Puddle Duck Trading did a full engine overhaul, took her to a 12V system and made her a perfect daily runner.  After that she moved to Royal Muskoka Island on Lake Rosseau where she has been the owners’ pride and joy and daily evening cruiser.

The 2017/2018 Restoration
After years of faithful service, Tenby’s (name of the vessel) sheen was fading and some of her hull planks were gaping.  We took her out of service for several years, which accelerated her decline.  It was time to give her the love she deserved.  After meeting with many boatbuilders, we decided on Paul Hunter of BlackBird boats.  A man of great skill and with a passion for preserving the art of boat building, he took on Tenby because he recognized her as a special boat with special lines. The list of what Paul and his team took on is extensive.  There are photos that document the bulk of the work, but essentially, she is a new boat, both structurally and mechanically.  Some of the original planks remain, and of course the motor still matches the original hull that came out of the factory in 1951.  But she is now a modern, “dry hull” boat.  Details of the restoration can be provided.  As well as a full refit, we jazzed her up a bit with the addition of a siren and spotlight.  The interior turned out beautifully and she cuts the water magnificently…she is a real head turner of a boat.Contact listing broker for details.  ccernak@pfaffmarine.com or call/text 705-241-7333

No co-brokerage on this listing.